Efinair private jet will allow you to travel to their exact schedule, which is great if they have a lot of meetings in various locations over a number of days. You can dictate the departure time for the plane and where its departure location. This is really good if your boss lives near a small airfield because they can leave their house later than they normally would to catch a scheduled flight. They also have more time to play with once they are in their final destination.


There is plenty of space and privacy on a private jet, which means you can take their family, colleagues or clients on the flight. Also they are much more likely to get any important work completed in peace and quiet. They can hold meetings on the flight without disturbing other passengers and can order bespoke menus and refreshments depending on what they need. The planes are luxurious and they are much more comfortable than commercial flights. Something to think about if your boss is flying long haul.


You can organise the flight to land nearer to your boss’ final destination as chartering opens up a whole other world of smaller airports to fly to. Using private terminals will allow your boss to avoid additional transfers and waiting around in airports. They will miss long airport queues and delays at security check points, which means you won’t be receiving phone calls from your boss who is in a panic because they think they might miss their flight!

Private jet charters offer a high level of security and privacy for your boss, this is particularly helpful if they are in the public eye or a well know VIP. My personal favourite benefit is that there are no baggage limits, because we all hate having our suitcases weighed and don’t get me started on the hand luggage check prior to boarding the flight!


Putting an itinerary together for business travel is tricky. It is even more difficult when the schedule is really tight and your boss has a lot to do over a short amount of time. We’ve all been in that situation where we are praying for everything to run smoothly because if they hit one delay there will be a huge knock on effect. Chartering a private jet eliminates that risk because there is flexibility to change flight times or airports and really personalise your boss’s business trip.


With all things considered chartering a plane can be a cost effective option, if you take into account all of the benefits a private jet can give you and your boss compared to the cost of first class travel with some commercial airlines.

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