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Whether you are flying for a business, leisure or for holiday, our memberships card give you the freedom to fly anywhere and anytime .  As a member, you will be entitled for a prepaid flight hour and use the hours as and when you want. You dont have to own or lease a aircraft, and as a member it like you owning your own private jet.

We offer you the ability to fly at a moment’s notice, you can arrive at the airport 10 minutes before take-off instead of two hours before, and access to luxury flights for less.

If you are a frequent traveller, Efinair MyJets could be the club for you. It gives you the chance to fly as often as you want within in any destination of your choice in return for paying a monthly membership fee.

You can arrive by car at its private air terminal, so you don’t have to queue, avoid the SOP airport, or stress and you can liaise with your dedicated customer service manager about any changes in your traveling schedule you would like to make to your flight.


  • No Hidden
  • Guaranteed Aircraft Availability
  • Guaranteed Aircraft Rates
  • No Maintenance Fee
  • 24 hours Hotline Services
  • Access to more than 5,000 terminals and fixed-based operators (FBOs),
  • High safety measures
  • Save  the hassle of finding a plane and negotiating rates
  • More cost effective



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COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols

The safety of our passengers and air crews are our top priority. To ensure passengers and air crew are always safe, and business as usual, COVID-19 Enhanced Health Protocols is strictly adopted by Efinair MyJets.



To ensure it is always safe,  all the private jets are clean and sanitized by utilizing recommended micro bacteria killing cleaning spray products by a certified specialist.  It can kill and prevents any bacteria and virus from attaching the surfaces .


Efinair MyJets worked with its appointed partner which helps to screen the private jet for Covid-19 protocol compliance. Beside, the partner provides us additional security screening, security measurement, quick response evacuation and updates us on the current regulations and advisories on flight safety.


CleanJetcheck standard is being practiced to ensure all the aircraft are cleaned and disinfected after each flight and increase the cleaning frequency. All the packaged snack and drinks are being replaced with fresh supply from certified supplier. All the aircraft we use are cleaned before and after every flight and professionally cleaned each day.


All employees at Efinair MyJets are subject to Covid-19 testing twice a day. The pilots must complete a cleaning check routine on the aircraft and the aircraft must safely available for oncoming passenger included report log on the the exact time that the airplane was last sanitized and cleaned.


All the passengers may be required to complete travel and health questionnaire. The questionnaire must be submitted a day prior to the departure. However if the passengers have been traveled to a high risk country, are required to check their temperature before boarding a plane